About Me


I am Dr. D.H.P. Verma.

I am here to welcome you all.

First of all to start with let me say ……

Ma be I am the one who is in neighbourhood of you,

or may be a friend of you,

or may be amongst you,

or may be I am YOU.


Friends, we all have this life once. We will not have another chance to live this life. So why not we enjoy this life to its fullest. Why not we cheer this life.

Dear on this platform let us share a common conscience. Let us all cheer the life. Let us all overcome our fear, weakness, fatigue, depression.

The world is made up of all kinds of people – good, bad, rich, poor. Let us we try to make this world a more beautiful place to live so that we can pass a more beautiful world to our next generation.

From this platform you can learn from me and I can learn from you. So why don’t we try to enrich our life, nourish our feelings, celebrate our joy, bliss our life.

Let’s cheer our life.