How to start again in life – Dream again, work again, have success.

how to start again

How to start again

Dear friends every one of us has a dream. Every one of us has an aim to achieve. Some of us reach their destined goals or achieve their dreams within the expected time. But some fail to reach their destination at the targeted time. And the rest quit or leave their dreams in between, may be due to some reasons. But now the time is to start again.

But those who leave in between or quit are not failures.

how to start again

There are 2 types of PEOPLES

There are two types of peoples in the world who left their journey in between. First are those who had made mistakes or were tired and didn’t wanted to continue further. Them, the world may consider sometimes as a failure. Second are those who had to stop their journey in between due to some or the other unavoidable reasons.

But both have a thing in common – Both may start again and become a WINNER

Always remember, if your destination is worthy, it’s never too late to start again. No matter where you left the journey and no matter why you left the journey. Just take a deep breath and start again for a new start. And live the LIFE  you will be proud of. So learn from yesterday, for for today and HOPE  for tomorrow.

how t start again

Your LIFE is like a CALENDAR –

Have you seen a calendar hanging on the wall ? It not only says the date. It is there to say you the most important philosophy of life. It says that life can restart any time and at any point. Calendar shows there are twelve months in a year. And life can be restarted at any of these months.

Fresh 12 months –

There are fresh 12 months waiting for you to take a new start. You just have to take the first step to start the journey. And always remember JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGIN WITH A SINGLE STEP.

New 30 days-

Calendar has 30 days in a month. These 30 days are awaiting for you to make a  NEW BEGINNING  in your life. These are the perfect months in front of you to utilize them to its best. Remember you can do anything and ACHIEVE everything. You have all that powers vested in you. You have that infinite energy in yourself to DREAM  the unbelievable and attain the unachievable. So dare to start all over again.

how to start again

Unused 24 hours-

There are 24 hours in a day. These hours reminds that you still have to go miles. There are no heights in the world that cannot be reached. If there are mountains, they are meant to be climbed over. If there are desserts, they are meant to be crossed over. If there are oceans, they are meant to be swim through. If there are problems, they are meant to be solved. Always remember if you value these hours, they will give value to you too.

Unspoiled 86400 seconds-

There are 86400 seconds in a day eagerly waiting, spreading their arms to embrace you. Every morning when you wake-up, comes with the beautiful opportunity to start again. So do make the COURAGE  to to start again to follow your dreams.

Always remember every second of your life is a fresh and a brand new chance to start again.

No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow. This is the chief beauty of time that you cannot waste it in advance. The next second, the next minute and the next hour are ready for you perfect and unutilized. So always be ready to take the opportunity to utilize the TIME  wisely.

how to start again

No one can go into the past and change it

  • No one on the earth can go back in the past and change their past. The past is over and gone. There is no such thing like going back to the square one. You and no one can ever go back. Only momentum in forward direction is allowed.
  • So don’t repent on your past. Move in forward direction.
  • Always bear one thing in the mind that the clock is running and the hours are going. No one can purchase even a single second of time even by all the wealth on the earth. Past is increasing and the future is receding. So don’t waste your time now, Start again as quickly as possible.


how to start again

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed and frustrated with the things you didn’t did, rather by things you did. And you will console yourself by saying “You didn’t had a perfect time or will give an excuse that you had reasons to not to start over again”. So take a stand and gather the courage to take the start and chase your dream. SUCCESS comes when a dream combines with HARD WORK, meets  DEDICATION  more importantly doing right thing at the right time.

So don’t waste your time being upset about something you cannot change. But surely you can change the future. So start again right now. Try once more this time. And do it better this time. Try this time with more knowledge, more  STRENGTH  power, more PASSION and more WISDOM than you had before. Success will definitely follow you this time. It is bound to. Your journey was never over. It was just a halt and not the end of the journey. The path is still waiting for you to complete the journey.

how to start again

Don’t wait for the perfect moment-

To start again don’t wait for a perfect moment. For if, you will be waiting for a perfect moment to come and then you will start again. That moment will never come in your life. It never comes in anyone’s life. Days will pass, weeks will follow. Weeks will be converted into months and months will be transformed into years. And your whole life will pass.

So don’t wait for the perfect moment. Start now. Start from where you are. Start with what you have. Start from what you can do. Collect all resources what you have. Gather all courage and strength you have.  Concentrate on all your energy and stand again to give a fight, a bigger fight this time. So never wait for the perfect moment, rather pick this moment and make it perfect.

 So dear friends forget your problems, forget your past and put it behind everything never to bring it up again. Listen to your intuition and hear your soul. And stand up again with all your might. Start again with a new dream, start again with full new hopes. Start again with new DETERMINATION. And do not stop till the GOAL is reached.

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